MK2 Micro blade 5A (Electronic fuse version)

MK2 Micro blade 5A (Electronic fuse version)

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Note: Only some variants of the 2019-2020 Tundra can be fitted with a voltage booster, please check the main fuse box in the engine bay for a fuse that is designated "ALT-S", if your vehicle is fitted with that fuse then you can fit the voltage booster.

PTC electronic fuse version.

The HKB Electronics Alternator Voltage Booster was the first device of its available and the only device on the market that has been purpose designed for alternator voltage boosting.

The MK2 version of the Alternator Voltage Booster from HKB Electronics and differs from all other diode booster units in that it is the only device of its type available that incorporates an auto resetting PTC fuse.

The PTC device (electronic fuse) incorporated in the MK3 offers far better circuit protection than both the OEM fuse it replaces and all other types of voltage boosters. Should an electrical fault develop in the vehicles wiring other types of booster diodes will be destroyed and need to be replaced, this is not the case with the MK2 unit, in the event of an electrical fault occurring, the PTC device in the MK2 detects the excessive current flow and turns off preventing damage to the booster unit, the vehicles wiring, and alternator. Once the electrical fault has been removed the PTC device automatically resets and the booster unit will resume normal operation.

The MK2 Alternator Voltage Booster is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia using only the highest quality locally sourced components and comes with a 3 year warranty covering both parts and workmanship. Here's your chance to support a great Aussie made product!

This unit has distinct advantages over other similar products:

  * Specifically designed for Alternator voltage boosting applications, electronic components have been carefully selected after extensive testing to ensure best possible safe voltage gain is achieved.

  * Only unit available incorporating PTC electronic fuse protection, the PTC device offers unparalleled circuit protection and protects both the booster, the vehicles wiring and alternator in the event of a fault condition occurring in the vehicles electrical system.

  * The electronics devices are fully encapsulated epoxy resin prior to package assembly ensuring superior water, moisture & mechanical protection.

  * Unlike other similar products you do not need to modify your fuse block or the device to fit, it simply plugs straight in.

This unit is plug and play, simply replaces the existing alternator voltage sensing fuse, full DYI instructions included.

Units have been tested over many thousands of Kilometres with no adverse effect on vehicles electrics or batteries having been found. However as with all aftermarket products, this unit is to be used at purchases own risk, no liability will be accepted for any damage cause by use of this unit.

The voltage booster is designed and manufactured in Australia using highest quality components and comes with a 3 year guarantee for parts and workmanship. Unit also comes with a satisfaction guarantee that if for any reason you unhappy with your purchase simply return the undamaged item within 14 days for a full refund of the purchase price less shipping cost.